piątek, 20 czerwca 2008

Daddy V - The Compton O.G (2003)

1. That's My Homeboy feat. Cuicide & Boss Hogg
2. Git Down
3. Git Cha Bang On feat. WC & Tha Chill
4. Westcoast Mix
5. Bangin' In The Back
6. It's The D.O.G feat. Snoop Dogg
7. Balla
8. Bumpin' & Smokin' feat. Mixmaster Spade
9. The Compton O.G
10. My Nine feat. Squeek Ru & RBX
11. Low Ridaz Anthem
12. Twistin' On Some Thangs feat. Tha Chill & MC Eiht
13. What Would You Do feat. Bad Azz & Lil' Half Dead
14. Always feat. Doc C
15. That's Gangsta feat. The Dove Shack
16. Phone Call
17. Youz a Hata

Solid solo by Compton O.G - Daddy V. In this album we've got a lot of westcoast bangers such as "Bumpin' & Smokin", "It's The D.O.G", "Twistin' On Some Thangs" etc. As you can see album includes big names on features & in credits (beats were made by Battlecat, Jelly Roll, Tha Chill and many others). Check it out!


3re Tha Hardaway - Undaconstruction (1999)

1. 3re Intro
2. Toe 2 Toe
3. AffiIation feat. Bun B
4. Only Way 2 Come
5. Run-Up On That Azz
6. Spooked
7. Remember What U Owe Me
8. Shoulda Know Betta
9. Shit On Em
10. Controversy
11. Undaconstruction
12. Born In The Ghetto
13. Top Knotch Hoes feat. Pimp C
14. Purple Heartz
15. Umma Get U High feat. EA-Ski
16. Fiya
17. Headcrack

In 1999 group from Florida - 3re Tha Hardaway realesed in Dead Serious Records their debut album titled "Undaconstruction". Squad includes three mc's - Black Pacino, CE2D and original South Central native, known for self titled solo (which was produced by Battlecat) - B.O.X. This material is full of good gangsta rap, nice feats & beats (which was handled among other things by EA-Ski & Pimp C). So check it out quickly!


VA - Long Beach City Limits (2005)

1. Intro feat L's
2. Ghetto Infection feat. Daz Dillinger, Ras Kass, Sin, Blu & L's
3. Good Ol' Music feat. Twinz, MonaLisa & L's
4. Coasting Up feat. P.S.C., Prime, Brainstem & Solo
5. Live Dynamics feat. Dynamic Certified
6. Believe in Magic feat. E-White, MonaLisa & L's
7. I'm Broad feat. RBX & Coss
8. Bring Me some feat. Twinz, E-White & L's
9. Killa Cali feat. Techniec & Tate the Great
10. Something about U feat. Foesum & Cigar Lee
11. Sweetassugar feat. Glory
12. Anyone who knows me feat. Coss & T-Nasty
13. Angry Asians 2005 feat. XL Middleton
14. Dime Piece (Remix) feat. Sly Boogy, Sin, Techniec & Demo
15. Goin Head UP feat. P.S.C.

Nice compilation with rap from Long Beach and other LA area cities produced by L's & XL Middleton. Check it out!


środa, 18 czerwca 2008

Lil' Bruce - XXXtra Manish (1995)

1. Intro
2. Raw Deal feat. Kaveo
3. Mobbin' My Oldschool
4. I Love A Tramp feat. Mac Shawn
5. Somethin' Terrible
6. Funk Mobb Niggaz feat. G-Note, K-1, Mac Shawn & P-Dub
7. Fuck Little Bruce
8. Lite Samethin'
9. Now Like This feat. G-Note
10. FootLocka Crew
11. Congnac Killa
12. Keep A Tre' 8 feat. Levitti

Solid debut album by Little Bruce, mc from Vallejo. This album was released in E-40's Sick Wid It Records and it's a good proffer for Mob Shit fans. "XXXtra Manish" was in majority produced by legendary Studio Ton with small help by Sam Bostic & Mike Mosley. Check it out!


poniedziałek, 16 czerwca 2008

Lil Bam - Twenty Twenty Vision (2006)

1. Streets Iz Mine
2. Lil Bam Interview #1
3. Who Dat
4. What We Have feat. Big Bam
5. Lil Bam Interview #2
6. Can't Fucc Wit Us feat. Goldie Loc
7. Give It 2 Um
8. On the Run (Breakin' News)
9. Real Life (backs Turned)
10. Huggin' the Block feat. Chevy Jones
11. Gettin' It feat. Lebo & Young Soprano
12. The Best
13. True Colors feat. Tate (dka Krunch)
14. P's & Q's
15. West Bound feat. Malcom Harvest
16. Get It On (Tonight)
17. So Pretty feat. Goldie Loc & J. Blacc
18. More 2 Say
19. G Music feat. Crooked I & Jerzey J
20. Sticcey Situation
21. 360 (feat. Techniec)
22. Get to Walkin' feat. Young Smurf
23. Speak On It

In 2006 one of the current biggest talents from LBC - Lil Bam released his debut album titled "Twenty Twenty Vision". This LP is a piece of very good gangsta rap with nice lyrics, beats & guests. The credits list is full of great producers such as Terrace Martin, Dae One (who is executive producer of Lil Bam's solo), Klassic, Dame Taylor & Bosko. Must have for all true fans of Long Beach raps. Check it out!

Pt. 1:

Pt. 2:

Me & My Cousin - International (1996)

1. Learnin' The Game
2. Front 2 Back
3. Bank Out
4. To Catch A Playa
5. Smooth
6. International
7. 4 Who
8. My Day
9. Back In Kentucky
10. Switches
11. Baby Get Around
12. Freaks
13. Fronting MF
14. Fonk (Interlude)
15. Red Carpet
16. The End Tho

We back with new upload! This is tight album by Me & My Cousin - two mc's squad from Oakland (as I know this is their one & only release). "International" is a part of laidback gangsta rap, with good productions by legendary Rhythm D. Check it out!