sobota, 22 marca 2008

I Smooth 7 - Ghetto Life (1996)

1. Intro
2. Coolin' In Tha Ghetto
3. For Tha Love Of The Ghetto (Remix)
4. Strugglin'
5. Ghetto Life
6. My Hood In Tha Summertime
7. I Smooth 7
8. So Much Luv
9. Kings & Queens
10. Goin' All Out
11. Sets In Tha West
12. Nina
13. What's The Real
14. Outro
BONUS: "Ghetto Life" The Source Review

In 1995, world were introduced to I Smooth 7, when he realesed debut single titled "Coolin' In Tha Ghetto" with magnificent production, talkboxes by DJ Battlecat & feature from Mista Mad Pup. G-funk fans were waiting for full length album, finally it was never realesed for normal distribution (only few promo tapes with "Ghetto Life")..... but we've got this stuff on our blog! Album is a piece of smooth gangsta rap straight from the streets of LA with powerful production handled by Battlecat, DJ Slip of Comptons Most Wanted & features by Ghetto Gods. Our upload includes The Source review of former Lost Angeles member solo debut. Check it out!

AC Chill - It's All Over (2005?)

01 It’s All Over
02 Baby Mama Trippin’
03 Real ft. K-Rino
04 Throw It Up
05 What’s The Deal
06 What’s My Name
07 Outro
08 Baby Mama Trippin’ (Slowed & Chopped)
09 Throw It Up (Slowed & Chopped)
10 Real ft. K-Rino (Slowed & Chopped)
11 What’s The Deal (Slowed & Chopped)
12 What’s My Name (Slowed & Chopped)
13 Outro (Slowed & Chopped)

A.C. Chill was one of the earliest members of SPC and great friend of Ganksta NIP & K-Rino. It's All Ova is his only album, but better call it EP, because it includes only 7 tracks (regular speed joints plus screwed & chopped version). A.C. passed away after heart attack in 2005, rest in peace to the South Park O.G. Check his awesome and unforgettable verse from Overdose on K-Rino's album Danger Zone

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piątek, 21 marca 2008

Botany Boys - Smokin' N' Leanin' (1996)

Debut EP by Botany Boys (C-Note, D-E-Z, D-Red, Head & Will Lean), part of Screwed Up Click. It is smooth mini album, which includes middle 90's - down south style production with heavy baselines (I don't know who produced "Smokin' N' Leanin'). Check it out!

czwartek, 20 marca 2008

Keitarock - Let'z Get It Crack'n (2002)

1. In Da Hood We Trust feat. Gonzoe
2. I'm On One feat. Bruce Wane
3. Me Be My Lady feat. Young Hoggs & Me-Me
4. Can't Fuck Wit This feat. Tha Lowlifes
5. I Know feat. Suga Free & Jaz' Mina
6. Representn' feat. De Ja Vu
7. Straight From Tha Streetz feat. Bruce Wane
8. Fast Life feat. Dresta
9. Let'z Get It Crack'n feat. Malikaih
10. That'z Big feat. Mista Cavi
11. Hit'cha Upside Yo Head feat. Young Hoggs
12. Where Da Hoodstas At feat. Gonzoe
13. Ouch feat. CJ Mac
14. L.A. Crime Bosses feat. Mista Cavi & Me-Me

You are ready for real gangsta rap? Keitarock is one of the biggest bosses of Crip Gang in LA area (he was one of the creators of Insane Crips), who was strongly affiliated with Suge Knight. He is a kind of "godfather" for many famous rappers from Long Beach (such as Nate Dogg, Lil' C-Style, Crooked I). In 2002 he realesed solo album titled "Let'z Get It Crack'n". LP is chock-full of heavy baselines (which were produced by Kenny McCloud - known for beatmaking for Bad Azz) , real gangsta lyrics from one of the realest mc's ever & disses aimed to Snoop Dogg & Xzibit. Line-up is very nice too. So check it out quickly!

wtorek, 18 marca 2008

Dana Dane - Rollin' Wit Dana Dane (1995)

1. Dedication
2. Once Again
3. In Da Mix
4. Rollin' Wit Dane
5. Booty Call
6. Record Jock
7. Ain't No Love (Interlude)
8. Chester
9. Nina
10. Mama Told Me
11. Show Me Love feat. Battlecat
12. Fort Greene (S)killz
13. Ain't No Love

We back with another album produced in majority by legendary DJ Battlecat! It's Dana Dane himself! Oldschool legend & Slick Rick's friend hooked up with westside master and recorded incredible cd. This lp has great vibe - Eastcoast meets Westcoast! Check it out necessarily!

sobota, 15 marca 2008

Eastwood - The Ride (2006)

1. Change
2. Rock
3. Hope feat. Ked Johnson
4. Faith Don't Fail feat. Andre "Boogie" Wilson
5. Don Watcha Do
6. Bounce
7. God Not Home
8. Az If feat. Takim
9. The Ride
10. Go There
11. The Word
12. Life Savior

Christian rap album straight from southern Cali, recorded by Eastwood (don't mislead with Eastwood - ex member of Death Row & Black Wall Street). The best part of this lp are bangin'/dope (call it what you want) beats produced by legendary DJ Battlecat (without "Rock", which is produced by BC Powda's pupil - Amplified)! If you are a fan of the legendary beatmaker from Long Beach you must check "The Ride".