środa, 30 stycznia 2008

C-Bo - Tales From The Crypt (1995)

1 Jackin' And Assassin'
2 Murder That He Ritt
3 Free Style
4 Hard Core
5 Want To Be A "G"
6 Stompin' In My Steel Toes
7 Birds In The Kitchen
8 187 Dance
9 Groovin' On A Sunday (Radio)
10 Who Ride
11 Take It How You Want Too
12 Ain't No Sunshine

I got a bomb for y'all today- dope classic album straight outta Sactown. C-Bo is a great example of independent star- he sold over 3,5 million albums without a major deal. This album includes 11 hardcore tracks, produced by DJ Daryl (known for his work with 2Pac, Luniz & Snoop Dogg) and Mike Mosely with Sam Bostic credited as Mobboss Productions (Bay Area legends, they made beats for Ray Luv, Richie Rich, Mac Mall and other famous artists). This CD is one of my favorite West Coast acts, I recommend it a lot.

Click Clack

wtorek, 29 stycznia 2008

Funk Mobb - Self Tittled EP (1994)

1. Inner City Funk
2. Fo Da Gangsta
3. Rollin' In Yo Town
4. Ride To This

Smooth, debut EP (in fact it was released only on tape) by group from Stockton - Funk Mobb (which consist of G-Note, K-1 & rapper from Vallejo - Mac Shawn). Next to this project, they released their first lp in Sick Wid' It Records in 1995, which is a piece of smashin' gangsta-rap cake. Check it out!!!


The Terrorists Discography

The Terrorists - Terror Strikes - Always Bizness, Never Personal (1991 Rap-A-Lot Records)

1. Intro
2. Cloud On Suckas feat. Ganksta NIP
3. Blow Dem Hoes Up
4. I Ain't Givin' Up
5. Makin' A Life Outta Livin'
6. Bomb Threat
7. Xecution
8. Lyrics From Hell
9. Dead Bodies feat. Point Blank
10 Fuck The Media feat. Bushwick Bill
11. Face The Holocaust
12. South Park Coalition feat. Mr. 3-2, A.C. Chill, Def Busy-X, Ganksta NIP, Grimm, K-Rino & Point Blank

Producers: Dope E, Egypt E


The Terrorists - Full Scale Attack (1995 N-Terrorgation Records)

1. Full Scale Attack (Intro)
2. Dead Weight
3. Deaf, Dumb, And Blind
4. It's Going Down
5. Put Cha' Nine Down
6. My Metaphor
7. They Can't Get E'Nuff
8. Bodies Still Drop feat. K-Rino
9. The Beginning Of An Ending feat. Point Blank
10. You're Weak feat. Klondike Kat
11. Bump'um Off
12. I'm Better Than That
13. South Park
14. Racial Endvasion feat. DBX, Eyque, Grimm, K-Rino & Klondike Kat

Producers: Dope E, Egypt E


Today we've got special upload for all South Park Coalition fans - yes, it's The Terrorists. Group which consist of legendary producer/mc Dope E & Egypt E, released debut album in empire of Rap-A-Lot Records in 1991. "
Terror Strikes - Always Bizness, Never Personal" is personally for me one of the biggest classics from sign of SPC ever, with dope (word for word) production & features. Second lp was released in 1995 & it's worse than first, but it's still quality rap straight outta South Park, Houston. So you if you don't know anything about them check it out quickly!!!

poniedziałek, 28 stycznia 2008

Mac Shawn - Worldwide Bosses & Playaz (1998)

1. Worldwide Bosses & Playaz ft. E-40, Lil' Bruce & Kaveo
2. We Are The Best ft. E-40 & Suga T
3. Worldwide Bossin' & Flossin' ft. Killa Kane
4. After Dark ft. Young Smitty & Double O
5. Niggaz Ain't Got To Love ft. Lil' Bruce, D-Moe, Jacka, DeDe
6. In The Game ft. Young Smitty, J-Million & D-Biz
7. We Some Ballas ft. D-Shot, Ska-Face Capone, Mugzi
8. Get What You Need ft. E-40
9. What Is It ft. Daz Dillinger
10. Skit
11. Please Believe ft. B-Legit
12. Me & My Mobb ft. Funk Mobb & B-Legit
13. Groovin' ft. Funk Mobb
14. If You All Alone ft. Richie Rich & Rame Royal
15. Wid A Playah ft. B-Legit
16. My Flow ft. Rev. Really Real
17. Make Me Rich ft. Ska-Face Capone
18. Mac Sinista ft. Double D

Very nice album-compilation recorded by former Funk Mobb member - Mac Shawn. It includes nice features from Mac Shawn's homies from Vallejo & another cities of Bay Area & whole California state with smashin' production handled among other things by Daz Dillinger & Studio Ton. In fact Mac Shawn is currently locked up in prison (but I don't why).


niedziela, 27 stycznia 2008

5th Ward Juvenilez - Deadly Groundz (1995)

1. 5th Ward Juvenilez
2. Gangsta N My Hood
3. G-Groove
4. No Conscious
5. G-ing N Tha Nickel
6. Kar Phreak
7. Mr. Slimm
8. Deadly Groundz
9. Busta Azz Niggaz
10. Menace
11. Bad Newz
12. Not 2 Young
13. Nut Check
14. Ghetto Talez
15. Gotsta Get Paid

Today we've got tight g-funk album straight from 5th Ward - titled "Deadly Groundz" recorded by Mr. Slimm's group - 5th Ward Juvenilez. Production in their one & only lp was handled in majority by Mike Dean & N.O. Joe (it's definitely dope). Check it out!!!


sobota, 26 stycznia 2008

Kausion - South Central Los Skanless (1995)

1. Grand Theft Auto (Intro)
2. What You Wanna Do ft. Nanci Fletcher & Natasha Walker
3. OG's Trippin' ft. Mack 10
4. Land Of The Skanless ft. Ice Cube
5. Dick Tate
6. Sewed Up
7. Tha Deea
8. Supersperm ft. Nanci Fletcher, Natasha Walker & K-Dee
9. Bounce, Rock, Skate
10. Cellies
11. Steal At Will
12. 16 Times
13. Fat Bitches
14. Click, Click
15. Murdering, Slanging & Scrapin'
16. If It's Alright
17. What The South Central Like ft. B-Real
BONUS: What You Wanna Do (Screwed & Chopped)

June 20, 1995 brought us another underrated classic, recorded by Kausion. This group was discovered by Ice Cube, who finally realesed their one & only album titled "South Central Los Skanless" in his label - Lench Mob Records. Kausion consist of Gonzoe (also member of The Regime, known of very good solo lp "I Live And Nothing Happens"), Kaydo & Cel (I really don't know what happened with them after Kausion debut). "South Central Los Skanless" is a quality, gangsta album with dope production which was handled by big names in westcoast such as Ice Cube, Bud'da, DJ Crazy Toones & Laylaw. So if you wanna to "bounce, rock, skate" check it out quickly!!!


czwartek, 24 stycznia 2008

Rally Boys - Up In Yo Yard (2002)

1. Up In Yo Yard
2. Coldest In Tha Clique
3. Still Spinnin' ft. Lil' Flip
4. I'm That Nigga ft. Devin The Dude
5. Skit
6. Don't Play Me ft. 5th Ward Boyz
7. All I Can Be
8. Game ft. Kurupt & Roscoe
9. What's Crackin' ft. Coach Cognac
10. Why You Trippin' ft. Lil' Keke
11. 24-7 ft. Big Pokey & Lo-Life from 5th Ward Boyz
12. Bussin Heads (Skit)
13. Bussin Heads
14. What's The Deal ft. Mr. 3-2
15. Elbow Room
16. Do It All The Same ft. Boonie Loc
17. Bomb Ass Weed II
18. Ghetto Boy
19. Outro

Today is a good day! If you don't know the finest mc's from Dallas - you must check out former P.K.O member - Kottonmouth group Rally Boys. It's their second lp after "Rally World Vol. 1" (released in 1999, I don't know what happened with second part of this project/album), which features many rap industry big names. "Up In Yo Yard" is quality album with smooth beats, among other things produced by DJ Domo. Check it out!


Kam - Discography

Kam - Neva Again (1993 Lench Mob Records)

1. Intro
2. Peace Treaty
3. Stereotype
4. Still Got Love 4'um
5. Hang'um High
6. Drama
7. Neva Again
8. Y'all Don't Hear Me Dough
9. Ain't That A Bitch
10. Holiday Madness
11. Watts Riot ft. Ice Cube
12. Outro

Producers: Ice Cube, DJ Pooh, Rashad, Mr. Woody, T-Bone


Kam - Made In America (1995 EastWest Records America)

1. Intro
2. Trust Nobody
3. Pull Ya Hoe Card
4. That's My Nigga
5. Way'a Life
6. Down Fa' Mine ft. MC Ren & Dresta
7. In Traffic
8. Givin' It Up
9. Nutin' Nice
10. Who Ridin'
11. Keep Tha Peace
12. Represent ft. D-Dope, Solo & K-Mac from The Comrads

Producers: EA-Ski & CMT, DJ Quik, Warren G, Cold 187um, Big Jessie, Battlecat


Kam - Kamnesia (2002 JCOR Entertainment)

1. Kamnesia
2. Have A Fit
3. Where I Come From ft. Solo
4. Benefits
5. Bounce Track ft. Jazze Pha
6. Bang, Bang ft. Mystic
7. They Like Dat ft. Dresta, Jayo Felony, Spider Loc & Yukmouth
8. Let's Hook Up
9. What I Look Like
10. Giddie Up
11. The Godbrotha Intro
12. Godbrotha
13. Active ft. Spade
14. Wardance

Producers: Jazze Pha, Wino, Klev, Doug Rasheed, DJ Pooh, Kip Collins


Today we've got special upload, especially for big westcoast fans. Do you ever heard about the biggest rap legend from Watts - Kam? If not - you must improve your knowledge & download albums above. Check it out quickly!!!

wtorek, 22 stycznia 2008

N.OT.S - True Blue II You Only Live Once (1995)

1. Front Door (Intro)
2. N.O.TS. II
3. Another Front & Bacc
4. Fucc Peace
5. On A Come Up
6. Bustas On Wax
7. Y.O.L.O
8. Sleep N Wit Da Enemy
9. Ain't No Trippin' Weak Game
10. I Wanna Hit The Joint
11. Grind Me
12. Bacc Door (Outro)

Second album of Niggaz Of Tha Streets = perfect crip lp. Produced among other things by Battlecat. Must have album for gangsta rap fans. Check it out!


The Comrads - Self Titled (1997)

1. Intro
2. Die Hard (Gangsta)
3. Game Recognize Game ft. Mack 10
4. Get At Me (Call Me)
5. Candy Land
6. Playa Hata
7. Bitch Made Niggaz
8. Car (Interlude)
9. Homeboyz
10. Bustas
11. Big Ballers
12. Dear Bitch (Interlude)
13. Hey You
14. Westside Connect OG's ft. Westside Connection & AllFrumThaI

In 1997 at Street Life Records, after solo debut of Gangsta & guest appearance on "Bow Down", two mc's from Inglewood (Gangsta & K-Mac) released their debut album. It's a perfect piece of rap from southern California, which includes nice rap, features & beats, made by Binky Mack, Gangsta, Young Trey & Ant Banks. Check it out - 781 Redrum is back!!!!