środa, 31 października 2007

VA - C-Style presents: 19th Street LBC Compilation (1998)

1. Intro
2. Bustaz - Daz Dillinger, RBX, Legacy, Tray Dee, Lil' C-Style
3. Stay Out Of LA -
Lil Tip, Coco Loc, Shorty K, Crooked I, Sho Shot
4. Paper Chase - Coco Loc, Lil' Tip, Sho Shot, Lil' Beau, Tray Dee, C-Style
5. Interlude 1
6. Success Before I Die - Legacy, Coco Loc, Crooked I, Lil' Tip
7. Rap Killer - Crooked I, Tray Dee, Shorty K, Techniec, J-Money
8. Interlude 2
9. Jackin' For Flows - Coco Loc, Lil' Tip, Sho Shot, J-Money, McGruff, Crooked I, Diceman, Shorty K
10. Watchin' You Watchin' Me - Legacy, Lil' J, Sho Shot
11. Gangsta, Gangsta - Legacy, Crooked I, Tray Dee, Sho Shot, J-Money
12. Interlude 3
13. Flossin' - Tray Dee, Lil' C-Style, Bad Azz
14. Servin' & Swervin' - Legacy, Crooked I, Shorty K, Lil' J, Sho Shot
15. Bounce To This - J-Money, Crooked I, Sho Shot, Amber Davis, Bo-Roc from The Dove Shack
16. I Like To Roll - Coco Loc, Lil' J, Shorty K, Bad Azz
17. Ashes To Ashes - Lil' Tip, Lil' J, Crooked I, Shorty K
18. One Ninein' - Crooked I, Coco Loc, Shorty K, Lil' Tip, Lil' J, McGruff, Sho Shot, Diceman, Techniec

Dope (classic) g-style compilation straight from Long Beach hosted by Big C-Style. It includes production by Soopafly, LT Hutton, Lil' Beau & DJ Aladdin. Check it out!


wtorek, 30 października 2007

K-Dee - Ass, Gas or Cash (No One Rides For Free - 1994)

1. Intro
2. The Best Thing Goin'
3. Hittin' Corners
4. The Freshest MC In The World
5. Pimpin' And Pandering (Part 1)
6. Make The Music
7. Gigalos Get Lonely Too feat. Morris Day
8. Neva Was A Baller
9. Where's The Cat
10. Thougt I Saw A Pussy Cat feat. Bootsy Collins & Ice Cube
11. K-Swinger
12. Pimpin' And Pandering (Part 2)
13. Talk Of The Town
14. Into You
15. Words To The Wise
16. Ain't Nothin' Poppin' feat. Snow
17. Assoline
18. Ass, Gas or Cash feat. Bootsy Collins

K-Dee babee! What's your point of view about checking "the freshest MC in the world"? In 1994 K-Dee realesed at Lench Mob Records his one and only solo album titled "Ass, Gas or Cash (No One Rides For Free)". In my opinion it's one of the underrated pimpin' style albums ever - all tracks are fresh & funky - no skips, no shit! Production is magnificent and was handled in majority by Ice Cube (look at Bootsy Collins in features!). Check it out quickly!


Jay-Z - American Gangster (2007 - not the final version)

1. Intro
2. Pray
3. American Dream
4. Hello Brooklyn 2.0 feat. Lil' Wayne
5. No Hook
6. Roc Boys
7. Sweet
8. I Know feat. Pharrell
9. Say Hello
10. Success feat. Nas
11. Fallin'
12. Blue Magic feat. Pharrell
13. American Gangster

Hova is back! Today we're presenting special upload for you - the latest Jay-Z album - "American Gangster". This is a version without two tracks from final album - stay ready for XXI Century classic!


niedziela, 28 października 2007

Jayo Felony - Whatcha Gonna Do? (1998)

1. Intro feat. Kokane
2. Nobody On Dry Land
3. How Angry feat. 8 Ball & MJG
4. Whatcha Gonna Do? feat. Method Man & DMX
5. Easy To Get In
6. Whatcha Gonna Do Remix feat. WC, Redman & Mack 10
7. Nitty Gritty
8. I'm Deadly
9. On The Way To 47 Block (Skit)
10. Gettin' Loop Loop (Skit)
11. Lovely
12. Bumpin' Bullet Loco
13. Love Don't Love feat. Kokane
14. Finna Shit On'em feat. Mack 10
15. Hustle Into My Genes
16. End Of The World
17. J.A.Y.O. (Justice Against Y'all Oppressors) feat. E-40 & Ice Cube
18. Outro

Today we are going straight to San Diego for meeting with Jayo Felony himself. In 1998 Bullet Loco realesed his second solo album in Def Jam titled "Whatcha Gonna Do?". No doubt - it's another classic from one of the most undone mc's in the music industry with many dope tracks. It includes features from some big names from southside, eastside and westside with production by DJ Silk and EA-Ski. Check it out!


czwartek, 25 października 2007

Wood - Out Of Woodwork (2002)

1. Young Black Male Feat. Smittyroe
2. About The Money Feat. Julie Johnson
3. Losing My Religion Feat. B-1, Smittyroe & Julie Johnson
4. Crazy World Feat. Billy Cook
5. Hey You
6. I'm Comin' Down
7. Around The World 3X Feat. Foe
8. Are You A Rider?
9. Armed & Dangerous Feat. A.G., Billy Cook & Tz
10. Let's Ride Out Feat. Julie Johnson
11. Walk In My Shoes
12. Moving Fast
13. A-1 Yola
14 Out Yo Seat Feat. Kano

Wood is lesser known member of Screwed Up Click. This album is pretty dope and includes some S.U.C. style bangers, like "Young Black Male" or "Hey You".


środa, 24 października 2007

Z-Ro albums

Z-Ro - King Of Da Ghetto (2001)

1. I Found Me (feat. Trae)
2. Block Bleeder (feat. Den Den)
3. Wonder If I'm Blessed
4. Gripping Grain (feat. Den Den)
5. Haters Song (feat. Trae & Slimm Chance)
6. Passenger Side
7. In My Prime (feat. Trae)
8. Real Niggaz
9. Wake Up (feat. Mussilini)
10. Friends (feat. Den Den & Slimm Chance)
11. All Fall Down (feat. Den Den)
12. Pain
13. Sunshine

Z-Ro - Screwed Up Click Representa (2002)

1. Does It Matter
2. Real (feat.
Lil' O & Kevo)
3. Gorilla Till I Die (feat.
Den Den & Lyrical 187)
4. Life (feat. Mr. 3-2 & H2O)
5. Gotta Let Go (Skit)
6. U Gotta Let Go (feat. Lil' Keke & Billy Cook)
7. Tha Third Coast
8. Plex
9. H.A.T.E.

10. Southside Can't Stop (feat.
Den Den)
11. All Night
12. How Does It Feel (feat. Big Rodsta)
13. Freestyle (feat. Bettye Sterling)
14. My Sermon
15. S.U.C. For Life (feat. K.T.)
16. Maintain (Feat. H.A.W.K)

17. Final Curtain Call (feat. Pup & Bettye Sterling)


Z-Ro - Z-Ro (2002)

1. Whats My Name
2. Look At Me
3. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
4. All Night Long (feat. Billy Cook & D.P.)
5. Still Standing (feat. Lil' Flex & Big Mello)
6. Sunshine (feat. Lil' Keke)
7. How Does It Feel
8. Dirty Work (feat. Black Mike & Pharoah)
9. Still In The Hood
10. R.I.P.
11. Hard Times (feat. Trae)
12. Life Is A Bitch (feat. Billy Cook)
13. Shelter From Da Storm


Z-Ro - Life (2002)

1. Get Yo Paper
2. Screw Did That
3. Make It (feat. Mexican D)
4. Will I Go Crazy (feat. Miss Dameanor)
5. Life
6. Life Is A Struggle & Pain (feat. Cl'Che)
7. Talkin' Down On Me
8. Change Of Scenery
9. Hatin Me
10. Let Me Live My Life
11. Lost Another Soldier (Tribute To Big Mello)
12. Outro


Some Z-Ro albums realesed before he signed to Rap-A-Lot Records. Enjoy!

wtorek, 23 października 2007

Domino - Domino (1993)

1. Diggady Domino
2. Getto Jam
3. A.F.D.
4. Do You Qualify
5. Jam
6. Money Is Everything
7. Sweet Potatoe Pie
8. Raincoat
9. Long Beach Thang
10. Thats Real feat. AMG & La Quan aka Poppa LQ

Are you ready for another dope album produced in majority by Battlecat? Today we've got debut album of Long Beach native - Domino realesed in Def Jam. Boldly we can say it's another slept classic g-funk record. Check it out!


poniedziałek, 22 października 2007

Yo-Yo - Total Control (1996)

1. One For The Cuties (Featuring MC Lyte)
2. Yo Yo Funk
3. Bonnie And Clyde II (Featuring Ice Cube)
4. Steady Risin'
5. Same Ol' Thang (Everyday)
6. Tre' Ride (Featuring MC Breed)
7. Body Work (Featuring Teena Marie)
8. How Can I Be Down (Featuring Ruff Dogg)
9. Thank You, Boo
10. Yo Yo's Night

Today we've got special upload for you - straight from Los Angeles, CA, one of the greatest female mc's ever - Yo-Yo! The former Lench Mob member in 1996 delivered us her probably best solo album titled "Total Control". With perfect accompaniment on this album from legendary producers such as Battlecat (in majority) or Warren G, Yo-Yo convicted, that she got powerful skills and vibe. Tonights the night, so stay ready to check out "Yo Yo's Night!


czwartek, 18 października 2007

C.I.A. - EP (1988)

1. My Posse
2. Just 4 The Cash $
3. Ill-Legal
4. My Posse (instrumental)
Just 4 The Cash $ (instrumental)
6. Ill-Legal (instrumental)

Check out this short project (but quality) made
by C.I.A - group which consist Ice Cube, K-Dee & Sir Jinx. Tracks on this EP was produced by Dr. Dre.


Vontel - Vision of a Dream (1998)

1. Dream No More
2. Playa Style
3. 4 My Homies feat. Roger Troutman
4. If You Want To Be A Playa
5. Ghetto Life
6. It's All On You
7. Keep It On The Real
8. Funk Wit Dis
9. All Right
10. Don't Nobody
11. Tell'em What I Came 2 Do
12. Say Playa feat. Roger Troutman
13. 602
14. Boo
15. Down 4 U

Next to Mr. X we've got another special upload for you! You never heard of a mc from Phoenix, AZ? Here we go! In 1998 rapper called Vontel realesed perfect g-funk album titled "Vision Of a Dream". It includes features by his homies from 6-0-2 (Bookie, Omega G, Sabataj etc.) and.... Roger Troutman on talkbox himself! Production was handled in majority by another legend - Kevin Gilliam aka DJ Battlecat. So are you ready for a dream?


B-Legit - Hempin' Ain't Easy (2000)

1. Intro
2. Blaze It
3. Rap Star feat. Lil' Bruce
4. What They Talkin' Bout
5. Destiny feat. Levitti
6. The Game Is Cold feat. Snoop Dogg
7. Hood Ratz & Knuckle Headz feat. E-40 & D-Shot
8. I'm Dyin' With Mine feat. Lil' Keke & Archie Lee
9. It's In The Game
10. Hard Head Nigga
11. Keep It P.I. feat. Mac Shawn
12. Where The Gangstas At? feat. Mack 10 & Kurupt
13. Grape Vine
14. Touch You There feat. Harm
15. Gold Ones feat. Richie Rich
16. Scared Man feat. E-40 & The Mossie
17. The World Is A Mutha
18. To All My Playaz feat. Big Remy, SHORTYEGA, Mr. Clean & Ronnie Simpson

Today we're flyin' straight to the Vallejo, CA for meeting with mr. B-Legit. In 2000 he realesed another dope album in his discography, named "Hempin' Ain't Easy", where we can find out some magnificent gangsta lyrics with great features and production handled by real legends (Studio Ton, Meech Wells, Daz Dillinger, Ant Banks). As a conclusion - if you're searching for some dope gangsta rap, check this out quickly!


środa, 17 października 2007

Mr. X - Mr. X (1996)

1. Playa Hata
2. Active Crew
3. Dear God
4. Flossin'
5. Lowrider
6. Puttin' In Work
7. Can't Fade The Funk
8. Slippin'
9. So High
10. Playas Life
11. Comin' From The Head
12. True To This
13. One Day At My Door
14. Any Ole Sunday

Here we go! Another slept classic laidback album by critics & audience from South Central native - Mr. X. If you're searching for perfect g-funk, check it out quickly (production on this album was handled by legendary QD III).


poniedziałek, 8 października 2007

Askari X - Message To The Black Man (1995)

1. Intro
2. Oakland Streets Feat. Plesor
3. Ward Of The State II
4. Who's That Man
5. Message To The Black Man
6. Hear The Science
7. City Life
8. Mohammed Army March
9. Glory Be
10. Bite The Dust
11. Moma
12. Concrete Jungle
13. Tippy Toe Soldier
14. Down So Long
15. 3 Strikes Feat. 3XKrazy, Bad-N-Fluenz, Brotha Moe, The Delinquents, Mike Mike, Mr. Ill & Seagram
16. Outro

Askari X is a conscious lyricyst from Oakland, Bay Area. On this album we can hear warm g-funk with a little bit of reggae, produced by Tha Whoride and Chucksta.


wtorek, 2 października 2007

Mr. Mike - Wicked Wayz (1996)

1. Intro
2. Southwest feat. EA-Ski
3. G's Perspective
4. Where Ya Love At
5. Total Shock
6. Untouchable feat. Nina Creque
7. Can You Feel me
8. Midtro: Here's Your Ticket
9. Wicked Wayz feat. Ice Cube
10. Da Boogie man
11. Dope Ficiton feat. O.C. of the Scientists
12. Game Affiliation
13. In The Midst Of Smoke feat. Nola
14. Life On Tha Line
15. Stop Lying feat. 8 Ball & MJG

Average debut solo album from former South Circle member, Houston representer - Mr. Mike. "Wicked Wayz" was realesed in legendary label - Suave House. On this LP we can find out mid 90's south style rap mixed with some westcoast flavour. It includes beats from EA-Ski & T-Mix and features from 8 Ball, MJG and Ice Cube.


poniedziałek, 1 października 2007

Sho featuring Willie D - Trouble Man

1. Pray I'll Be A Failure
2. Fiend In The Family
3. Pookie
4. Another Day On The Cut
5. Trouble Man
6. Fireweed
7. Mississippi
8. Miss Thang
9. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
10. Legal Murder
11. I'ma Get Mine
12. Stick-N-Move

Very slept on and underrated album. Sho goes hard on it. Executive produced by Willie D.

"It's enough I gotta fight in the streets G
Come home and gotta fight with my family..."