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God's Original Gangstaz - Tha G Filez (1999)

1. Still Tru
2. Hooked
3. Exodus
4. Exit 2 Freedom
5. Day N Tha Life
6. The Day After
7. No Exit
8. I Can't
9. Soldier Story
10. True 2 Tha Game
11. Imagine This
12. Break 'Em Off

Very nice album from God's Original Gangstaz, squad from South Central LA, check it out.


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Big Mike - Somethin' Serious (1994)

1. Comin From The Swamp
2. World Of Mind
3. Ghetto Love
4. Creepin' - Rollin'
5. Smoke Em & Choke Em
6. Havin' Thangs
7. On Da Real
8. Playa Playa
9. Southern Thang
10. Somethin Serious
11. Get Over That
12. Fire
13. Daddy's Gone
14. On Da 1

Classic solo debut of H-Town legend Big Mike, ex. member of Convicts and Geto Boys. Production was handled by big names such as Pimp C, NO Joe, Mike Dean and Pee Wee from Dangerous Crew with dope collaborations with artists like Scarface, Bun B & Pimp C.


5th Ward Boyz - Rated G (1995)

1. Dirty
2. Concrete Hell
3. Wake Up
4. Situations
5. 5th Ward
6. The Streets
7. My Life
8. Your Life
9. Death Is Calling feat. Flesh-N-Bone
10.Raisin' Cain
11. Swing Wide feat. UGK
12. Busta Free
13. One Night Stand
14. Step Into My Hood

Another dope album from Lo-Life, 007 and E-Rock with production handled by Mike Dean & Pimp C and features from Flesh-N-Bone & UGK.


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Ice Water Slaughter- T.H.U.G.S.

1. Intro Feat. Big Dex
2. I Can't Tell Feat. Eightball & MJG
3. Platinum Team Feat. Slim Thug, E.S.G. & Billy Cook
4. Thug Figure Feat. Billy Cook
5. Shinin
6. Fam Boy Feat. Gangsta One
7. Billionaire Dreams
8. Life Without Fear Feat. Devin the Dude & Bugg
9. Misunderstanding Feat. Billy Cook
10. What I'ma Do
11. Me and U Against Tha World
12. Who Y'all Gone Ride 4
13. My Life
14. Hustle Feat. Billy Cook, Lil O & H.A.W.K.
15. Outro Feat. Big Dex

Da Herb Man- Blowin Big / Mafia Melodies

1. Lord Am I Dreamin'
2. Claimin' My Set Feat. C-Note, Mr. Stayready
3. Violating
4. It's da H-E-R-B
5. Hold On
6. Bad Bitches Feat. Mr. Stayready, Subliminal
7. Don Speaks Feat. J.F.
8. Headlines Feat. X-Man
9. Rollin' Deep, Pt. 2
10. Greed Feat. Mr. Stayready
11. Come With Me Feat. Mr. Stayready
12. Blowin' Big
13. War Games
14. Just a True Feat. Reginald Hackett

Z-Ro- Tolerance

1. Go to War Feat. Daz Dillinger, Thug Dirt
2. Definition of a Real Nigga Feat. Mr. Drastic, Phenom
3. Creepin' Feat. Cl'Che',
4. Party Feat. Cl'Che', Daz
5. I'm a Gangsta Feat. Daz, Law Fleze, Tony Montana
6. Stranger in the Midst Feat. Klondike Kat
7. Keep Runnin' Feat. O-N-E, Slater
8. Who Could It Be Feat. Dougie, Trae
9. Jus' a Hoe Feat. Daz Dillinger
10. Ain't Havin None of That Bullsh%#! Feat. Lil Head
11. Shelter in the Storm
12. Time and Time Again Feat. Daz Dillinger, Thug Dirt
13. Keep on Doin It Feat. Big Mello


Jayo Felony - Crip Hop (2001)

1. Intro
2. Gang Bangin' Shit feat. Spice 1
3. One Shot Kill
4. Girls & Boys feat. Tikki Diamonds
5. What Ya Need
6. Trued Up Remix (Real Anthem) feat. Baby Skar
7. Swing
8. Skit
9. Hurt That Nigga feat. Soopafly
10. Skit
11. Do You Love Life
12. Please Believe It feat. E-40
13. Sherm Sticc pt. III
14. Hotta Then Fish Grease feat. Crook
15. Catch 'Em In The Mornin' (Gay-Z Biss)
16. You's A Character
17. Game Round feat. Chag G, Baby Skar & Bay Loc
18. I Walk & Skip
19. She Loves Me feat. Young Nube

Dope album from Jayo Felony with diss tracks aimed to Snoop Dogg, Kokane and Jay-Z.


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